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Veget in Sweden

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Here you can look at the pictures that we took during our 14-day stay in Sweden in August 2002.

What were you doing during summer, Chief?

We were playing

and drinking.

Be careful with that, we don't want you to look like that forever.

Even Markéta has fun of you.


Our swedish friend Pelle, Petr and Dobro (Jarda) in Radio Haninge.

This is the answer to the question how did we get to Sweden: We simply walked across the sea.

Not the water.

Rather a solid bench.

Performing again - Vemdalen.

Vemdalen again.

And Vemdalenfor the third time.

Even local cowboys were interested in our CD.

We made a performance for the whole hotel in the early morning.

The youngest participant of the festival.

A quiet journey back home.

A quiet journey back home.

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