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Let's see something from the far history. Comments by Viktor Šebík.

Petr is just entering the river without putting his shoes down, Viktor's shoes have already been taken by the river.

You can see an excellent example of a band member's behavior to the chief.

We are getting in contact with a Dutch girl.

Jarda reached the closiest contact.

Jarda and his friend

Our chief says thet he can see this fan of Veget behind him anytime, never mind where he goes.

...once I met a homeless...

Why does the girl look so strange at me?

Be sure, that you will always find at least one Veget-(wo)man at the beer-booth .

If you look carefully at Viktors' feet, you can see how much did it rain.

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Bluegrass na mlejně
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Bluegrass na Mlejně
Na Janďourkův mlejn jsme se velice těšili, protože na tomhle bluegrassovém festivalu,...

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